C7-R Corvette - Just Landed

C7-R Corvette - Just Landed

C7 R 1

Check this out, fresh off the boat for one very luck customer, the new C7-R Limited Edition Corvette Z06 Super Car.  One of only 500 cars built and only available in Black or Yellow.  



C7 R 7

This one is equipped with the new 8 speed automatic and is one of the fastest main stream production cars in the world, and the fastest Chevrolet ever built. It comes complete with a full ground effects race body kit (not all fitted here), high performance carbon ceramic brake discs, very sticky Michelin Pilots, Competition race seats and even a Performance Data Recorder to help record and monitor track times, and valet mode to see what other drivers have been up to in your pride and joy.  And it’s a fully street legal car!   


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