Performax International is the largest independent importer, converter and retailer of selected American vehicles in Australia and has been leading the conversion industry for nearly 25 years. 


The company’s reputation for research and development and sheer quality of conversions is known and respected around the world. Performax has worked with car companies in right-hand-drive markets such as Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Africa and other African states.

Conversion2It all happens in Performax International's 2500m² state-of-the-art conversion facility, staffed by over 60 skilled employees, who take much pride in their work and the quality of vehicles that roll out the door.

Performax International is continually at the forefront of new technology and is pioneering new methods for the conversion/re-engineering procedure.

We like to call it “The Performax Difference”, a commitment that starts with a determination to supply cars with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) finish.

Re-engineering a Chevy SilveradoConversion photo3

Near enough is not good enough and only the highest quality components are used on every vehicle. Every part used when re-engineering vehicles to right-hand-drive has an individual part number (just as the OEM does). Every part is 100% consistent – no component is made as a once-off. If repairs are needed, parts can be sourced supplied quickly and easily.

All vehicles carry full Australian Design Rule compliance, with work performed in-house and certified to 9001 Quality Assurance Standards.

Are you still not sure? We are so confident of our facilities and processes that we offer workshop tours for prospective customers (bookings essential), where the Performax Difference is clearly on show.


Russell IngallThe quality of Performax International’s vehicles and re-engineering craftsmanship has earned the endorsement of leading figures in the automotive industry, including Camaro hero Kevin Bartlett, V8 Supercar drivers Russell Ingall, Lee Holdsworth and Jamie Whincup.

In all cases, these motoring professionals gave their unreserved tick of approval to the re-engineering they saw first-hand in the Performax workshop, and the vehicles they drove.

“This is what it would be like if General Motors built them right hand drive,” said Russell Ingall.

If you’re looking at importing your own vehicle, please talk to our experts, who can advise you full range of issues involved, including securing a vehicle, importing, government requirements and the all-important conversion process.

Performax International converts and complies a very vast array of vehicles including: 

Right hand drive conversions - Hummer

Right hand drive conversions -  Corvette

Right hand drive conversions -  Camaro

Right hand drive conversions -  Silverado

Right hand drive conversions -  Chevrolet Tahoe

Right hand drive conversions -  Chevrolet Suburban

H2 Hummer Chevrolet Corvette Chevrolet Camaro Chevrolet Silverado Chevrolet Tahoe Chevrolet Suburban

RHD conversion - GMC Sierra

RHD conversion - GMC Yukon

RHD conversion - Ford Mustang

RHD conversion - Chrysler Prowler

RHD conversion - Dodge RAM

RHD conversion - Toyota Tundra 

GMC Sierra / Denali  GMC Yukon /Denali Ford Mustang Plymouth/Chrysler Prowler Dodge Ram Toyota Tundra 
    Lambourghini gallardo F-Series Super Duty    
    Lamborghini Gallardo F-Series
Super Duty


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