What is the essence of the Performax Engineering Department?

At the forefront of the Australian conversion industry Performax International are driven to success through Engineering excellence. This being in an industry where small manufactures provide products into the market which lack the quality and durability of the original OEM product. Performax International go to great lengths to ensure that this is not the case. At the forefront of this is a highly skilled engineering team which possess skills to achieve results equal to and better than OEM products.

Our ability to achieve this is determined through these goals:

  •  Providing fit and finishing of interior products equal to and better than OEM.
  •  Proving structural durability equal to and better than OEM.
  •  Maintaining steering feel to equal the driving experience provided through OEM.

This is evidenced through:

  • The investment of high pressure injection moulded dash and dash components on the Gen3 Chevrolet Silverado. Providing a fit and finish equal to and better that the OEM product.
  • The investment of high pressure injection moulded interior parts on the F-Series product.
  • Undertaking of FEA analysis on structural components to ensure the durability of the product under severe loading conditions.
  • The use of new 3D printing technology to improve the efficiency of the prototyping phase.

The engineering department are continually improving the product put to market afterthe conversion process. In doing so we are able to achieve Performax International’s mission statement, “To sustain and build on our dominance in the global conversion market in terms of brand image, product supremacy and ownership experience”.