About us

Performax International is the leader in right-hand-drive conversion technology in the Asia Pacific and a dominant force in supplying high quality, high performance American-made vehicles to right-hand-drive markets.

Beginning in 1989, the company has forged an internationally recognised reputation as a market leader through its commitment to integrity, continual improvement and a focus on customer service.

Originally trading as Corvette Queensland, the company pioneered the complex modern conversion process in Australia. Through its continual focus on high quality engineering and finish, the company leads the way in the growing Australasian right-hand-drive re-engineering industry.

Other companies in the region that re-engineer left-hand-drive vehicles aspire to attain similar quality of finish, mechanical excellence and reliability. But around the globe Performax continues to be acknowledged as the frontrunner and innovator within the field.

Its achievements have included engineering the world’s first RHD examples of the new-generation Chevy Camaro in 2010, overcoming the challenge of converting the Ford Mustang’s electric power steering and its safety-system integration, pioneering the use of 3D design and plastic printing of conversion parts and earning industry-first federal government Full Volume Compliance approval for the Ford Super Ditty and Chevy Silverado.

The company's commitment to delivering original equipment manufacturer (OEM) comparable right-hand-drive vehicles of unmatched quality is renowned and known as "the Performax Difference".

Performax International delivers an individually tailored, end-to-end service for its customers, from procurement through to importing and conversion, and to delivery and after-sales service.

When you buy a vehicle from Performax International, peace of mind comes standard. Confidence and quality assurance are built in due to the principle that sets us apart, the Performax Difference.