Performax International is committed to ensuring the highest standards of safety and reliability for their vehicles. In the rare event that a safety issue or manufacturing defect is identified in one of their vehicles, Performax International may issue a recall notice to address the problem promptly and efficiently. Recall notices are part of a proactive approach to rectify any issues and maintain customer confidence in the brand.

When a recall is initiated, Performax International will notify affected vehicle owners via mail or email, providing details about the identified issue, the potential risks, and the necessary steps to rectify the problem. The recall process usually involves taking the vehicle to an authorized Performax International service centre, where trained technicians will perform the required repairs or replace the affected components free of charge. In some cases, Performax International may also provide guidance on interim safety measures until the vehicle can be brought in for service.

It is essential for vehicle owners to respond promptly to any recall notices to ensure their safety and maintain the performance and reliability of their vehicle. Customers are encouraged to keep their contact information up-to-date with Performax International to receive timely notifications in case of any recalls. Additionally, owners can visit the Performax International website or contact their local dealership to check for any active recalls related to their vehicle's make and model, and to obtain more information about the recall process.

Latest Recall Notices

Federal Government compulsory Takata Airbag inflator recall

The Federal Government has issued a compulsory recall of all vehicles fitted with frontal Takata airbags. There have been no recorded incidents of air bag failure within Performax Chevrolet or GMC vehicles. Performax has been working with the ACCC in order to comply with the compulsory recall issued in Australia. Customers with concerns should check their VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) against the list of affected Performax vehicles.

The latest Air Bag Inflator Recall list is available to be downloaded HERE.

You can view this PDF file in a web browser or use Adobe Acrobat to open and view the recall notification. Should your vehicle be included in the list, please contact our Warranty Department 1800 767 367 (Free Call) in order to organize the recall to be carried out. Performax International is committed to integrity, con­tinual improvement and a focus on customer service. We are dedicated to addressing potential issues and responding swiftly to our customers.

If you have any questions regarding your vehicle or the compulsory recall please call 1800 767 367.


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