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Performax International began business in 1989 as Corvette Queensland in Gympie, just north of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Co-founders Greg Waters and Brian Learoyd, after achieving their personal ambitions to each own a Chevrolet Corvette, soon found themselves the centre of attention from like-minded enthusiasts.

The business grew steadily, importing and converting a variety of General Motors and other brands’ products. An order in the late 90’s for several hundred GMC cab-chassis vehicles destined for the Victoria ambulance service boosted operations into a higher gear and re-directed the company’s focus toward American pick-ups.

Chevrolet Silverado's and GMCs were produced in their hundreds, while the company began to acquire accreditation for a wide range of other vehicles such as the Chevy Corvette, Camaro, Suburban, Denali, Tahoe, Sierra, Yukon, Hummer H2, Ford Mustang, and Plymouth Prowler.


Company goes through name change from Corvette Queensland to Performax International.


The company’s history has included many technical milestones that have cemented its status as the leader in its industry segment. These include the world’s first RHD Camaro in 2010, RHD conversion of the Ford Mustang’s hi-tech electric power steering, the introduction of 3D printing and scanning for the production of high-quality prototype conversion components, and the acquisition of federal government Full Volume Compliance approval for Chevrolet Silverado and Ford Super Duty trucks.


More recently in 2019 Performax International has expanded its in-house Australian manufacturing capability with the purchase of a HAAS 5-axis Machining Centre, CNC Plasma Cutter, ABS Vacuum Former and CNC Press Brake.


In mid-2020, Performax also purchased the neighbouring property which expands our facility to include our brand-new showroom, as well bolstering higher vehicle production, more service capability, and a wider range of parts.

Performax International continues to be an innovative, ambitious, and respected participant in the Australian motoring industry. With founders Greg Waters and Brian Learoyd still at the wheel, and new models and brands on the drawing board, Performax looks forward to an exciting future.

Our company's 'PILLAR' values

Personal and purposeful; every person, every action working together as a whole in pursuit of achieving the goals of the company. The PILLAR values of Performax International are demonstrated by individuals and teams, throughout the organisation. This forms a force for excellence, and an inspiration for innovation. Our team are loyal and display a high degree of faithfulness to commitments and each obligation.

Beginning in 1989, the company has forged an internationally recognised reputation as a market leader through its commitment to integrity, continual improvement and a focus on customer service


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