Experience the thrill of victory with the Performax Racing Team highlights. 

Performax Racing was formed in 2021 when the Performax Team decided to get back into motor racing during Covid. Performax predominantly races two Corvettes in the QLD Production Sports series, and a few other special events like Challenge the Mountain in Bathurst. In Car 43, a C6 Z06 Corvette we have veteran driver Greg Waters with many years of motor racing under his belt. Greg had a lot of success in his early years racing the Commodore Cup series, a few jaunts at Bathurst and in Targa Tasmania with Business partner Brain Learoyd. In Car 99, a C5 Z06 we have Michael Learoyd, ex Junior Australian National Speedway Champion. Michael started his racing career at a young age on the local speedway circuits, going on to race in the national series. Michael was introduced to circuit racing a few years ago racing with Greg and a few others in some charity race events in a specially prepared older model Commodore and more recently in his Z06 Corvette. Both drivers have had some great success in the Production Sports series bringing home trophies for race wins. The cars regularly compete in South East QLD, and if you want to hear some traditional American V8 thunder, its worth a day out to watch them take on some of Europe’s best.


In 2022 Performax Racing added a new team in the Junior Kart series in South East QLD with the three team members Cody, Seth and Emery regularly on the podium. These young drivers are putting in a stellar effort so far and doing us proud, and all three have a great opportunity to advance in to motor racing.



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