The passion for cars is infectious when you’re speaking with Greg Waters, who together with Brian Learoyd, founded the successful business that is Performax International.

Although it might surprise when you see Greg now cruising in his 2018 Lightning Blue F150, back in the 1980’s mechanics Brian and Greg had only one favourite – the Corvette.

The first vehicle they went halves in was a 1980 C3 Corvette, which they duly imported to Australia, and set about finding someone to convert it to right-hand-drive.

This proved to be quite a bit more challenging than they had anticipated, and finally on a drive home to Gympie from the Big Smoke, they both decided to do the conversion themselves – how hard could it be?

Hence Corvette Queensland was born.

Having successfully compled that project, Greg and Brian found that they weren’t the only Corvette enthusiasts around. This took them off to the United States to buy more vehicles.

They spent a great amount of time in and around Los Angeles, travelling around just buying Corvettes for their mates back home, and for two young Aussie blokes in their twenties, it was a lot of fun.

Over the years their passion for Corvettes and building cars in general led Greg and Brian to other projects, including muscle cars and eventually American Pick-ups, which have now been the cornerstone of the business for over 20 years.

Having operated the business in total for 30 years, the passion for cars remains constant.

“I’m putting together a Big Block 427 at the moment,” says Greg.

“To see and hear it running is so satisfying.”

As this writer freely admits admit, it is infectious. From someone who has never had oil running through his veins, to be around Corvettes, Mustangs, GMC’s, Tundra’s and F250’s Monday to Friday is pretty cool.

To see the excitement in Performax’s customers eyes and hear about their wonderful Performax Experience, is also very satisfying.

And when asked how this all started, Greg replies with a wry smile.

“We work on cars all the time, in our work lives, spare time, leisure time, whenever and wherever we can.”

“We just love cars,” he says honestly.