Today, few people know that Gympie was once renowned for being ‘the town that saved Queensland’, as gold was discovered there at a time when Queensland was facing bankruptcy due to drought and the fall in wool prices.

Today, more people, especially enthusiasts of high-powered pick-up trucks and ‘muscle’ cars, know that Gympie is home to one of Australia’s most innovative automotive companies.

Since its founding in 1989 as Corvette Queensland, a company specialising in right-hand-drive conversions and sales of Corvette vehicles, it has developed into Australia’s largest importer, converter and retailer of American late-model vehicles, such as the Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F150 through to F550, GMC Sierra and Toyota Tundra.

Rebranded in early 2007 as Performax International, it offers unparalleled quality to today’s Australian market.

Racing greats such as Kevin Bartlett, Russell Ingall and Lee Holdsworth support Performax International’s products and services because it offers original equipment manufacturer (OEM)-comparable right-hand-drive vehicles and a level of excellence that, as champions in their field, they have come to expect.

Continually investing in the latest technology, Performax has changed the conversion process forever. Components are CAD-drawn or scanned using laser scanners, reverse engineered and then reproduced as a 3D article and tested for fit and finish. When the article is complete, a mould is produced. The item is then ‘shot’ with the company’s plastic injection moulding machine, producing factory-comparable components that clip or bolt in as per the original article.

All metal components are laser-cut and folded, also ensuring 100 per cent consistency throughout each and every vehicle.

Performax International is so proud of its technological achievements and its staff ’s high levels of expertise, due to ongoing specialised training, that they invite anyone who is interested to tour its workshops. Many a motoring journalist, including scribes from Top Gear, Motor, Wheels and Unique Cars have taken up this invitation and have left singing the company’s praises.

One of Performax’s two founding directors, former mechanic and racing-car driver Greg Waters, reminisces about the industry 30 years ago:

“Hard to believe [that] being technologically ahead of the pack, back then, meant we had a computer and were first in the region to have the internet”.

So much development has happened in all areas of technology in the past two decades, but one thing hasn’t changed:

Performax International’s commitment to remaining its industry’s pioneer.