Conversion technology

Performax International is at the forefront of re-engineering/conversion technology, and committed to continual improvement and innovation. With the standard of American vehicles continually improving in terms of finish, quality and technology, Performax is setting the pace in the re-engineering market place.

With our highly skilled research and development teams working closely with our engineering/compliance teams, the quality of finish with every Performax vehicles is second to none.

Every component and system of every vehicle is carefully researched, designed, installed and tested to ensure the original equipment manufacturer finish.

Re-engineering technology used at Performax

Scan arm and CAD

This tool allows engineers to scan an item out of any vehicle, for example a dashboard section or air-conditioning vent, producing a 3D representation.

The file can then be modified using the CAD program to suit a right-hand-drive application. The parts can then be produced and tested for fit and finish.


3D Plastic Printer

Performax 3D printer gives engineers the ability to “print” a prototype for initial testing. After rigorous testing, the part is finalised, its specifications sent to suppliers for production.

Water Transfer Station

If an internal component of a vehicle needs that creative finish such as wood grain, carbon fibre or polished aluminium (to name only a few), technicians use the water transfer station. Performax is the only re-engineering workshop in Australia to use such technology in-house.

Electric Mustang Steering Rack

When the Ford Mustang came equipped with an electric steering system for the first time in 2011, the Performax research and development team were presented with a challenge to create a right-hand-drive solution. They successfully produced a solution which can now be replicated in all models of Mustangs.

Injection Moulding

Performax International creates right-hand-drive dashboards and plastic trims using injected moulding techniques, exactly the same method used by original vehicle manufacturers. Molten UV Stable plastic is pumped into the mould under pressure and baked in an oven. There is no shrinkage with this process ensuring a factory look, fit and finish every day.