Conversion technology


Performax International’s market leading reputation for right-hand drive conversions stems from its investment in advanced design and manufacturing technologies employed by all OEM manufacturers.

The components designed and manufactured as part of the conversion process are modelled from 3D laser scanned data or altered directly from OEM 3D models. Prototypes of these models are manufactured using various prototyping technologies, the most common of which is 3D printing. These 3D printed parts are test fitted in vehicles to ensure correct fit and function before releasing the part for manufacture.

Performax International achieves 100% traceability of all parts by means of a comprehensive part numbering system including batch tracking.

Cutting edge technologies implemented by Performax International:

3D Laser Scanner

A Kreon Technologies 3D laser scanner can reproduce a digital model of any part down to an accuracy of 0.025mm, less than half the width of a human hair.

High Pressure moulded dashfooter 


3D Printing

A Leapfrog dual filament 3D printer, as used by Rolls Royce and Volkswagen, the largest of which is currently available allows rapid prototyping and revision of parts to ensure best possible fit of parts.

leapfrog boltpro 3D printerfooter


High Pressure Injection Moulding

Our interior plastics are reproduced using the same manufacturing method as OEM manufacturers. 

High Pressure Injection Mouldfooter

5-axis Universal Machining Centre

A Haas UMC750-SS universal machining centre as used by Triple Eight Race Engineering provides precision machining of high tolerance parts such as steering components, with a positioning resolution of down to 0.001mm.

Haas Machining Centrefooter

Vacuum Forming

A Formech vacuum former as used by Dyson, NIKE, and Volkswagen, allows rapid and consistent manufacture of durable plastic components used throughout the conversion process.