Frequently Asked Questions

Performax International has been in the conversion industry for over 30 years and with that comes a lot of knowledge. We have tried to make the decision buying process a little bit easier for you by listing the answers to some of our frequently asked questions by clients. If there is a question you would like further information on or don't see the answer you need here please call our friendly sales team on 1800 737 367 they will happily assist. 


What sort of warranty do you offer?
Performax International offers all their new vehicles with a full factory backed new car warranty that covers the vehicle for a period of 3 years or 100,000kms whichever comes first. We do not believe in nor do we offer aftermarket mechanical/insurance style policies. These policies refer owners to companies that do not understand how to repair the vehicles.


Who does your conversion?
Performax International is proud of the fact it is an Australian owned, Australian based Conversion Company employing Australian workers. The full conversion process takes place in our factory in Gympie, QLD. We are so proud of our operation, we invite customers to come and tour our factor.


Why are your vehicles so expensive, I can buy one for half that in America?
This is a common question. US pricing does not include their taxes, by the time you add all the options that Australians expect as a minimum standard, add freight within the US to get the docks, shipping, unloading and customs in Australia, exchange rates (33% on average) Australian taxes you are almost double the US Price. And we haven’t touched the vehicle yet. Australia has the toughest design rules in the World, to meet these standards we have to engineer the vehicles to certain levels, we have full time engineers on staff, there is often hundreds of thousands of dollars spent setting up to do a new model, we have to carry all warranty in Australia, we carry an extensive supply of parts, have fully trained technicians, and much much more to support these vehicles here. To fully appreciate what is involved, a factory tour is highly recommended.


Why is XYZ company selling their trucks cheaper than you?
Some companies like to do their engineering and conversion work overseas in third world countries, which enables them to sell at a lower price in Australia. Performax International is based in Australia as are our staff and our research and development centre. Not only does it give you piece of mind knowing you are supporting an Australian company, you know if something goes wrong, the experts are here where you can access them. Very expensive to send a faulty vehicle back overseas!


I want to import my own car, can you help me?
Performax International holds several different licenses, some of which allow a customer to import their own vehicle for conversion. There are a several rules that govern the private import of a vehicle, and it is essential you talk to someone that is qualified to advise you on what must be done. Not seeking expert help can result in very costly fines and holding fees from customs, and possible destruction of the vehicle.


Can I drive my truck on a car license?
This can vary depending on the state the vehicle is to be registered in, and the category of vehicle you are buying. Please ask our sales team to help you with the appropriate information here.


How much can I carry?
We can sell you a truck with carrying capacities over 2 tonne BUT; This question is dependent on a lot of factors, one being whether or not you wish to drive the truck on a car license. As with all vehicles, the payload is affect by what accessories you fit, like a bull bar, long range tank, extra batteries etc. Another factor is the Gross Combined Mass, what the total loaded weight is of the truck and any trailer combined. Our trained sales people can help you work all this out so that you remain legal when towing or loading your truck.


What can I tow?
Very few people understand the laws when it comes to towing. All Performax trucks can tow the legal limit of 3500kg on a 50mm ball. Most Performax vehicles can tow in excess of 4500kg; however there are braking and trailering laws that must be obeyed once you exceed 3500kg. This is an area that you should only trust to an expert like a professional Performax trained sales person. We need to ensure that the vehicle you are looking at is up to the job, and that you are driving on the correct licence.


Will I need a brake controller to tow my trailer?
Performax trucks usually come with a standard electric brake controller unit built in. However we cannot guarantee that this system will be compatible your trailer as there are many different brands and operating systems sold. It is the buyers responsibility to ensure the system works with their trailer, and if not fit the appropriate system. Some trailers also use electric over hydraulic, typically boat trailers and off-road caravans, these may not work and may require an additional unit to be fitted at the buyers expense. Australian Federal Law also requires any trailer rated over 4500kg to me fitted with an ADR Approved air brake system, and the tow unit requires an approved system too. This system will not work with electric brakes.


You must need a fuel tanker to follow you around with those big trucks, what is their fuel economy like?
Although there are no standards for fuel economy on vehicles in this category, we do have plenty of feedback from customers and from our own experiences. Due to the high torque levels of the Performax Trucks, and the fact they are purpose built to tow, they are capable of outstanding fuel economy. And in fact can embarrass many common brands of 4x4’s and still manage to maintain safe highway speeds all day.


What are the service intervals??
Performax International recommends all their trucks are serviced every 6 months or ten thousand kilometers, which ever comes first. This is also a requirement of our warranty. Regular servicing not only keeps your vehicle in top operating condition, it also ensures that your vehicle is kept safe and has all the latest computer updates.


Where do I get my car serviced when I am travelling?
Performax International has a dealer network right around Australia, so you can plan your travels knowing you can get a service when needed by trained professional technicians. In the even you are not travelling or working in an area where we do not have a dealer, we do also have approved repair centres; just call our friendly service staff to find out who is approved in your areas.


What happens if my car breaks down in the middle of nowhere?
All Performax new vehicles come with 4 year Roadside Service Coverage that can help you with breakdowns, towing, emergency accommodation, and car hire and more. Please see your Road Side policy for full conditions and details.


Can I service my own car?
Performax International and its approved Dealers and repair centers are all trained professionals which know how to work on your new truck. We would prefer that you entrust your vehicle to these professionals- as warranty may become void.


What is Adblue? Can I remove it?
Adblue or Urea is a new emissions additive commonly found in modern diesel vehicles to help them meet stringent international environmental regulations. It also helps the vehicle to operate more efficiently. This fluid is vital to the operation of your vehicle and it cannot be removed or your vehicle will not only fail to operate reliably, it will also void your warranty. Removal of any emissions system is also a Federal Offence and carries with it very high penalties. Adblue normally only requires filling when it is low, at which point the vehicle will give a 1000km warning allowing plenty of time to refill. This product does have a shelf life so is best let run down as required. A typical truck can run for 5000 to 10,000kms on a tank, depending on operating conditions.


Who will insure these things?
A lot of insurance companies will insure them, however due to their value and intended uses, your rating with those companies may be taken into account. Performax International recommends specialist insurers like RYNO Insurance.


I need a Five Star ANCAP rating for mine sites, do your vehicles comply?
Five Star ANCAP ratings only apply to vehicles with a GVM of less than 3500kgs, there is no valid testing for trucks over 4500kgs so there for no rating possible. These vehicles do not require an ANCAP rating to be allowed onto any mine sites in Australia, however depending on the mine sites, they may still require some sort of approved ROPS. We recommend you check with the individual site that you plan on operating in.


Are parts available?
Yes, like any other car manufacturer in this country, we carry normal consumable parts required for servicing and maintenance of your vehicle. Any part that is not commonly requested can be air freighted in just as fast as most parts can be sent around Australia.


Can I get accessories for my truck?
Yes! Almost all accessories commonly fitted to other 4x4’s can also be supplied and fitted to a Performax vehicle. Whether it be a bull bar with driving lights, a canopy or long range tank, we have got you covered.