The Ford Tickford F-150, upgraded in performance, thanks to Performax International and Tickford.


The Tickford F150 package is exclusive to Performax International and retails for $24,500 inc. GST.

Performax International, one of Australia’s leading independent American vehicle importers has collaborated with Tickford, Australia’s leading aftermarket vehicle personalisation company, to develop the F150 Tickford Enhancement Package.

The right-hand drive F150 sees the popular twin-turbo 3.5 litre V6 EcoBoost engine receive a boost in power and torque using Tickford's in-house developed ECU tune.

The re-calibration has been engineered to provide both improved response and driveability to the V6, with power numbers up from 280 kW to 354 kW and torque jumping from 637 Nm to 780 Nm.

Elsewhere, Tickford has focussed on the F150's ride and handling by incorporating Fox 2.0 shocks and springs accompanied by Tickford 20" x 9" sport wheels featuring BF Goodrich All Terrain tyres.

The extra lift of two inches creates a more menacing stance for an already tall vehicle and provides optimum visibility, especially when towing using given the 5 tonne towing capacity.

The sporty appearance continues with Tickford decals on the side, bonnet and tailgate, along with low profile wheel flare guards, and not forgetting the twin black-tipped cat-back exhaust system, which completes the tough look of the legendary F-Series.


Performax International offers an industry exclusive three year/100,000km factory backed new car warranty with 24 hour Road Side Assist. This is backed 100% by our factory; it is not an after-market new car warranty or mechanical warranty as favoured by most companies.

A Performax Warranty is all about looking after the customer, not looking for reasons to decline a claim. The customer doesn’t call an office in a major city and talk to an operator that knows nothing about the vehicle, and only thinks of them as a number; they call their Performax Dealer or Head Office and deal direct with an employee that usually knows what they are talking about.


Performax International operates the only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) style dealership network in Australia, with dealers throughout the country stocking and servicing our vehicles. Customers often question the ability to get help when travelling in remote areas; it’s no different to any other modern vehicle.

Basic repairs can be done anywhere by any competent mechanic, and Performax is happy to offer them assistance over the phone. Most common parts are carried in Australia and can be despatched same day, just like a Toyota. And just like a Toyota if it’s not a common replacement part it gets flown in from overseas usually within seven to 10 days.


Performax International carries an extensive range or spare parts, genuine and aftermarket accessories. Customers have the ability to customise their vehicles to suit the application, whether it be outback touring, heavy duty towing, or a show pony we can accommodate.


Brought your own vehicle in to Australia for us to convert it? Your conversion has its own 12 month / 20,000km warranty. For more information about the Performax International warranty, please call 1800 737 367


Performax International is the leader in right-hand-drive conversion technology in the Asia Pacific and a dominant force in supplying high quality, high performance American-made vehicles to right-hand-drive markets.